Top tips for keeping their feet in‬ good condition

Top tips for keeping their feet in‬ good condition
13 July 2016 Bastien Gonzalez

Feet are a beautiful and sophisticated machine with 26 bones 51 muscles and over 100 ligaments. More than a technique we try to educate our clients and make them aware that looking after their feet will solve lots of their health problems.

I‬ will never tell a client not to wear high heels. A woman should wear high‬ heels, but have a regular massage to liberate the joint‬ and help the circulation.‬‬
Massage‬ every night 20 seconds start by stretching the toes and finish by repumping the‬ fatty cushions under the feet‬

1. Nail: never push the cuticle but moisturize them regularly and in 1 week you will restore them and get back very nice cuticles.

2. Brush the side of the nail after long bath with a toothbrush, twice a week.

3. Use cream at night before you sleep and EVERY NIGHT. It is like brushing your teeth. Regularity over 3 weeks will give perfect skin (even for bad skins)

4. Never use pumice stone to take off calluses but prefer filing with a strong grain file and, most importantly, always on wet skin, after the bath.

5. Use a Talcum powder on your feet especially when you wear pointy shoes