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nature révérence de bastien

The Révérence de Bastien brand, a specialized range of foot, hand and nail care products, is evolving and is based on three pillars, at the heart of our commitments:


The effectiveness of our products is based on the expertise of our creator Bastien Gonzalez, who has designed his products in collaboration with French cosmetology professionals, to provide you with a care routine focused on health and natural beauty.

We make respecting the highest standards of quality, luxury and refinement a priority by promoting our craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Both sensual and generous, the formulas have been perfected over time to become cult like the famous Le Baume, the Black Diamond Scrub or the Ungent for cuticles.


Born out of an initiative to guide our customers through a playful, unique and natural approach to foot, hand and nail care, our range of products are there for you daily, responding to the essential problems and needs of each person and every one.

Our priority: to work with our customers by giving them the best advice for the use of our products.

Social Responsibility

Révérence de Bastien fully acknowledges and wishes to combat the very real ecological concerns that are today a reality.

We are committed to social and human development, both locally and globally by actively contributing to the well-being of our native region, supporting smaller businesses and striving to preserve biodiversity and natural resources.

  • Our innovative formulations are infused with active plant extracts, essential oils sourced locally in France and pure water rich in silicon, Eau de Treignac®.
  • Our packaging were carefully selected to emit the lowest possible carbon footprint, favoring sustainable, recycled or recyclable materials and using plant-made pigments where possible for labeling.
  • Our best-sellers such as le Baume and the Black Diamond Scrub are now available in refills for existing jars.
  • Révérence de Bastien is committed to contributing financially to packaging collection, sorting and recycling.
  • Our cosmetic products do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals because the animal welfare is at the heart of our commitments.

Made entirely from recycled and sustainable materials, with a focus on reducing packaging waste, the product line sets a new benchmark in the field of eco-responsibility.