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Bastien Gonzalez becomes “pedicure-podologue” in France in 1997, is internationally famous for his glamorous and unique approach to foot treatments.

The passion for his profession has brought him to the highest levels of perfection in terms of quality, innovation and “savoir-faire” and has earned him to the privileged status of “Foot Virtuoso.”


  • 1997

    Bastien Gonzalez becomes « pédicure podologue » in France. He opens his practice in the distinguished area of place des Vosges in Paris.

  • 1998 - 2002

    He sold his medical office at the age of 25 and and offers his exclusive treatments in the most exclusive hotels, first in Paris, then in London and New York, where his clientele was won over by his professional “savoir-faire” and his particular approach.

    After that, Bastien meets two men, two mentors, who will help him in his career: Jeans-Louis Costes who welcomes him in his hotel in the street Saint Honore where Bastien quickly becomes the darling of the international models. Then, the billionaire Sol Kerzner who delegates to him the operation of the first Pedi-Spas in his luxurious hotels combining a medical dimension with a beauty and well-being aspect: One&Only and Atlantis. Sol wanted for his client going to the pool to have the best pedicure in the world.

    This is the start for a great adventure. Bastien Gonzalez founded his company BGA * Corp in 2002 and launched in 2003 its own brand of products “Reverence de Bastien”.

  • 2003

    The brand Révérence Bastien is born out of a desire to offer hands and feet care products, up top the level of perfection and excellence that Bastien demonstrates in his treatments.

    The formulas of the Révérence de Bastien products have been developed by Bastien, in collaboration with the best French experts in cosmetology.

    Free from parabens, our products are made with natural ingredients, extracts from plants and essential oils. Our products are also Cruelty Free, they are not tested on animals.

    Our textures are sensual and generous. Our olfactory identities are delicate and refined. Because taking care of your hands and feet should always be a pleasure…

bastien gonzalez


Produits Révérence de bastien

Effective formulas based on natural ingredients and essential oils.

Innovative textures for optimum pleasure to touch.

Fragrances that have been developed to evoke delicacy and refinement.

« The Révérence, is an elegant gesture to bow down at the feet of ladies…as well as gentlemen.»


If Bastien Gonzalez is now recognized worldwide for his playful and unique approach to foot care, he is focused on developing concepts that summarize his philosophy and resemble him.


The feet faithfully carry you a lifetime, so you must respect them. Hands are skill, precision, feet, power. To care is good, to educate is better.

A care of Bastien Gonzalez is often an opportunity for real awareness. Scrubbing, massaging, and taking good care of his feet become a daily ritual, like “washing your teeth,” he says with a mischievous smile. A sign of good health as well as beauty. The only way to maintain his precious « puppets » which represent our feet, composed of 26 bones, 16 joints, 20 muscles and 107 tendons.

Create emotion

The care must be a sensational experience in the first sense, which acts on the five senses. A care “Reverence Bastien” is a great moment of luxury and pleasure that is remembered for a long time.

Bien être