VOLUPTHÉ – Graceful hands delight

VOLUPTHÉ – Graceful hands delight


25 ml (0,83 fl.oz) – Made in France
“Hands are the mirror of your personality. VolupThe reveals their gracefulness.”

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The oil-free moisturizing and very light formula of VolupThé, contains a White Tea extract -with anti-oxidant properties- and amino acids which synthesize the collagen of the epidermis. A daily use of Graceful hands delight will help avoiding dry hands sensations and will maintain their suppleness and beauty.

Active ingredients

  • The White Tea extract is very rich in active molecules. Its anti-oxidant properties are stronger than those of vitamins E and C. It protects the skin from the free radicals of UV rays.
  • An amino acid synthesizes the collagen of the skin and thus its mechanical structure. It helps reducing the wrinkles development by protecting the skin fibres (collagen and elastin).
  • The Babassu butter comes from an Amazonian palm tree. The oil obtained from its nuts contains insatured fatty acids with highly nutritious and protective properties.
  • The Cotton oil, rich of «linoleic» acids, softens, regenerates and soothes the epidermis.
  • Allantoïn offers an important anti inflammatory protection.

Directions for use
Apply a small amount of Volupthe to clean, dry hands. Repeat as many times as needed. You can use in addition our unguent to moisturize your cuticles.

Bastien’s advice
“VolupTHÉ, hand care, day after day brings immediate comfort and a soft feel to your hands. The use of the ointment Reverence nails and cuticles Bastien in addition give them a final touch Beauty.”

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