Natural Shiny nails – SET


The natural shiny nails set includes :

  • 1 natural horn buffer
  • 1 mother of pearl.

*For the purchase of this set receive the complementary daily hands care VolupTHE 0,83 fl.oz combining cotton oil and white tea extract for a deep hydration.

The use of a buffer and polishing paste was passed down to Bastien Gonzalez, by his grandmother, as a part of her «little secrets» to get shiny nails without using nail polish.

He updated this technique by creating (design and choice of materials) a natural horn buffer, handmade by one of the best horn craftsmen, whose ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the palm of the hand, allowing a quick and efficient rub on the nail. A chamy leather is fixed at the head of the buffer. The rub of the leather on the nails gives a sparkling and natural shine for several weeks.

The association of the mother of pearl dust enhances the natural shine of the nail. The mother of pearl dust favours the vascularization of the nail and gives it a subtle pink colour, enhanced by the shine of the polishing.


How perfect the beauty of hands: use the polisher natural horn?

“Carefully remove all traces of each nail varnish.

Apply a small amount of polish on the nail and clean spills. Rub vigorously with the polisher until no dough on the nail. Repeat after a few weeks, once the shine fades.”