“Bastien Gonzalez and his team of experts answer your questions on taking care of your feet, hands and nails.”

What steps can and should I regularly take myself to maximize the effect and endurance of a professional pedicure?


Give yourself a foot lift with the Reverence de Bastien Black diamond Scrub. With a volcanic sand base, it smoothes your skin from toe to heel. Apply to dry feet and spread the scrub all over the surface of the epidermis. Exfoliate, focusing on the driest areas (back of the heel).

Add a small amount of water to make the scrub foam and rinse thoroughly until no product is left.

Use once a week, or more if needed. Your feet will be baby soft.


People usually use a body cream and go no further than the ankle or the top of the foot. The skin of the foot is 7 times thicker than on the rest of the body, so it’s important to use a specific foot cream.

Moisturize your feet with the Sensitive Feet Balm, a creamy and original plant-based formula to work against the drying of the skin, the feeling of heavy legs, nail degeneration and classic foot pain.

Apply a thick layer daily and massage from toe to leg. Insist on the driest areas (back of the heel) and cuticles. No need to put on socks, as some people do!

5 minutes daily provides a real feeling of comfort and suppleness. Feet become softer and legs feel lighter.


Heat affects your feet, causes friction with shoes and increases the development of bacteria. The Reverence de Bastien Silky Talcum powder creates a second skin for your epidermis and protects it in two ways:

  • It reduces friction and the overheating that dries skin
  • It acts as an antiseptic and has an anti-perspiration effect.

For nails : use our Unguent on nails and cuticles, a combination of essential oils and medicinal plants that nourish, purify and rebalance.

It helps to prevent nail deterioration and provides protection from external factors.

4.Brighten up your nails

Is there anything better than natural beauty?

Use the Natural Horn Buffer with Nail Brightness to give your nails exactly what they need: they are strengthened, with a natural shine that lasts for several weeks.

Apply a small amount of the polishing cream to the surface of each nail and remove the excess. Rub vigorously with the buffer until the buffing paste has been completely absorbed.

This ritual is a massage for your nails, increasing blood circulation and giving them a pinkish tint. When finely ground, mother-of-pearl lightly exfoliates the nail surface, which has a subtle sparkle as a result.


The sun is back, and that means it’s that dreaded moment when you have to show off your bare legs after a long, cold winter has arrived.

Use Celeste Dry Oil ! This nourishing dry oil contains cotton and sesame oil and is enriched with fatty acids and vitamin A to soften your skin and give your legs a subtle shine. Goodbye dry skin! Finely ground mother-of-pearl in the oil, silky to the touch, produces a shimmering shine to give your skin a healthy glow.

Celeste oil brings out the curve of your legs, their shine and sensuality.

With a smoothing effect, its hydrating and protective ingredients are ideal for skin that is dry and irritated by depilation or from wearing tights.

Its tangy bouquet contains bergamot extract, neroli, lemon, sage and parsley to give you a sensation of freshness.

What products do I need to do a pedicure at home? Which tools are the most important?

Against Foot Pains, the only tools you need is time: time to massage your feet every evening to work on skin elasticity, foot mobility, blood circulation and repump the fatty cushions.

For damaged nails : ‘Nail Brightness Pearly Buffing Cream’ and chamois leather buffer to give the nails surface a long lasting natural gloss finish  nails look like jewels.

Use a glass file on your nails as it has an even grain so it won’t leave your nails free edge rough.  Its smooth lateral sides will not scratch or damage the surrounding skin and it’s easy to wash and sanitize.

If your cuticles are rough, dry, thicken or even splitting it’s mostly due to, too much pushing back and cutting of the cuticle or because the skin around your nails is very dry causing a loss of elasticity leading to tears.

If you want soft, subtle cuticles and strong conditioned nails use my Unguent for nails and cuticles to restore their moisture.  A combination of essential oils and medicinal plants that nourish, purify and rebalance.

What is the biggest pedicure mistake? And what do most people do wrong?

The most common mistake when people do their own pedicure is to file too strongly on dry skin. This can cause inflammation, burning sensation…. so the skin builds calluses to protect and you lose elasticity what is the most important aspect in the skin

And the other mistake is to push cuticles too deeply. You will inflame the skin, so the skin may turn red and build calluses as a defensive reaction.