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“Bastien Gonzalez and his team of experts answer your questions on how to best take care of your feet, hands and nails.”

How do I treat brown spots on my hands?

Brown spots are caused by the sun’s UV rays. To avoid their appearance or accentuation, limit sun exposure, moisturise your hands regularly to strengthen the skin and use a high index anti-UV spray to block harmful rays.

The white tea antioxidant in our VolupThé hand cream will help to slow skin ageing. Nutrition can also help, with a diet rich in antioxidants (found in red fruits and green vegetables), and natural anti-inflammatories from fatty fish and avocado. If you have any questions, consult your dermatologist.

Which cream should I use to moisturise my hands?

First of all, it is important to moisturise your body properly. Did you know that drinking the right amount of water every day (a minimum of 2 litres) will help to prevent dry feet and hands?

The oil-free, very light and deeply hydrating formula of VolupThé contains white tea extract, offering antioxidant properties and amino acids to synthesise the collagen of the epidermis.

Used daily, it helps prevent hands from feeling dry and maintains suppleness and beauty.

White tea extract is very rich in active molecules, with more powerful antioxidant properties than vitamins E and C. It protects the skin from free radicals in UV rays.

Amino acid synthesises the skin’s collagen and thus its mechanical structure; it helps reduce the development of wrinkles by protecting the fibres of the skin (collagen and elastin). Babassu butter comes from an Amazonian palm tree. The oil which is extracted from its nuts contains unsaturated fatty acids with highly nutritious and protective properties.

Cotton oil, rich in “linoleic” acids, softens, regenerates and soothes the epidermis. Allantoïn is a powerful anti-inflammatory.